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University of Greenwich International College (UGIC)


Situated near the vibrant University of Greenwich campus, UGIC serves as a stepping stone for international students aiming for a prestigious UK degree. Offering undergraduate and postgraduate pathways, UGIC provides the academic foundation and English language skills you need to excel at Greenwich.

Immerse yourself in a supportive atmosphere:

  • Personalized attention: Benefit from smaller class sizes and dedicated teachers who offer individual guidance and support, creating a comfortable learning environment.
  • Dedicated English language support: Sharpen your academic English through specialized classes and workshops, gaining confidence for university-level coursework.
  • Vibrant international community: Connect with a diverse group of international students, fostering friendships and enriching your cultural experience.

Seamless transition to University of Greenwich:

  • Integrated pathways: Choose from International Incorporated Bachelors or Pre-Sessional English programs, all leading to recognized University of Greenwich degrees upon successful completion.
  • Direct progression: Upon fulfilling program requirements, effortlessly transition to your chosen degree program at Greenwich, avoiding separate application processes.
  • Full access to university facilities: From libraries and laboratories to student support services and social spaces, enjoy the full University of Greenwich experience right from the start.

Why choose UGIC?

  • Proven success: With a strong track record, UGIC boasts a high student success rate, ensuring you are well-prepared for university-level studies.
  • Renowned degrees: Earn a respected degree from a top-ranked UK university, opening doors to promising career opportunities worldwide.
  • Affordable option: Compared to direct university entry, UGIC offers a more cost-effective pathway to a UK degree.
  • Dynamic London location: Explore the world-famous city of London, known for its cultural diversity, historical landmarks, and exciting energy.

Ready to launch your academic journey in the UK?

UGIC provides the perfect launchpad for your success. With its supportive environment, personalized approach, and direct pathway to a recognized University of Greenwich degree, UGIC sets you on the path to achieving your academic dreams. Don’t wait, start your UK adventure with UGIC today!

Course and Fee

PG:Business& Mgmt/Engineering/computing: 12795 GBP and Schoarships: upto GBP 4500/- Imp note: Business faculty 2000 scholarship in total
Gap Acceptance : Maximum 3 Years of GAP Accepted for MBA and 4 Years of GAP for other Courses.
Language Requirement
PTE : IIM2Term-51/51
IELTS : IIM2Term overall 5.5/5.5
Documents for Offer Letter :
S.n Documents for Offer Letter
1 Passport
2 Ielts / PTE certificate
3. C.V
4. Work experience ( if there is gap )
5. Recommendation letter from college .(2)
6. Academic Document


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