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WRI Education Consultancy has been registered under the Nepal Government to provide you with the best education consulting service for academic success abroad. Our office is at New Baneshwor , opposite BICC West Gate, on the 5th floor of Nepal Investment Mega Bank. We are helping students to get into the top universities of Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and many more. Our services cover everything from university admissions to successful visa interviews, ensuring a smooth enrollment process. Our team of experienced consultants is committed to providing personalized assistance to help you navigate through the complex process of studying abroad.

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Established in 2010, WRI Education Consultancy is a leading education consultancy committed to guiding students towards academic success. Registered under the company act of the Nepal Government, we uphold the highest standards to ensure reliable and trustworthy assistance. Representing prestigious universities and colleges worldwide, including in UK, Australia, Japan, USA, and Canada, we serve as a bridge between aspiring students and renowned educational institutions. With personalized support and a dedication to excellence, we strive to make the journey to studying abroad a seamless and fulfilling experience for every student we assist.

At our consultancy, we are dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams of studying abroad. Our team of experienced advisors provides personalized guidance and support to assist students in navigating the complexities of international education. From selecting the right destination and university to managing visa applications and settling into a new academic environment, we are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful transition for every student.

We understand that studying abroad is a significant investment in one’s future, both academically and personally. That’s why we go above and beyond to offer comprehensive services that cater to the diverse needs of our students. Whether it’s providing information on academic programs, assisting with application procedures, or offering guidance on cultural adaptation, we are here to support students every step of the way on their journey towards achieving their academic and career goals abroad.

At WRI Education Consultancy, our mission is rooted in a steadfast commitment to empowering students on their academic journey. We aspire to provide unparalleled support and guidance to individuals seeking to attain educational qualifications from esteemed institutions overseas. Our mission is driven by the belief that access to quality education should be a transformative and accessible experience for every aspiring student.

WRI Education Consultancy envisions a world where education transcends geographical boundaries, where students can explore diverse opportunities and unleash their full potential. Our vision is to be a catalyst for educational excellence, fostering a community of global learners who contribute meaningfully to society.Through ongoing research and strategic partnerships, WRI Education Consultancy aspires to remain at the forefront of educational impact, connecting a diverse community of global learners seeking opportunities to study abroad.

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Trishna BcTrishna Bc
11:36 25 Mar 24
This consultancy demonstrate a profound understanding of providing insightful analysis and recommendations that were instrumental in guiding strategic decisions. Throughout the engagement, this consultancy maintained excellent communication, prompt addressing questions and concerns. Their responsiveness enhanced confidence in their ability to deliver. This consultancy consistently deliver value beyond expectations. Their recommendations were not only practical but also innovative, leading yo measurable improvements in our operations. Despite facing unexpected challenges, this consultancy remained flexible and adaptable, swiftly adjusting their strategies to accommodate changing circumstances.
11:34 25 Mar 24
Grateful you for everything 😊 . thankful for making my dream come true.
Prasamsha BhattaraiPrasamsha Bhattarai
11:27 25 Mar 24
Wri education consultancy advised me and my parents to help me choose a University which will nourish my intellectual and social growth
Munu KakshapatiMunu Kakshapati
11:26 25 Mar 24
Thank you wri education consultancy. Gratitude ♡♡
Sahina ShresthaSahina Shrestha
11:24 25 Mar 24
The people are friendly, the environment is positive, and I truly enjoy the atmosphere. Good quality of service and assistance provided to study abroad aspirants. Would highly recommend. 😊
09:26 15 Feb 24
Amazing support from our teachers and counselors to study abroad. Thank u team for making my dream come true
Sudeep ShresthaSudeep Shrestha
09:17 15 Feb 24
Best education consultancy in Nepal. Located in New Baneshowor. Thank you entire team to help me to pursue my dream.