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University of Roehampton London


Nestled in southwest London, the University of Roehampton offers a vibrant and diverse learning environment steeped in rich history. Founded in 2004, its roots trace back to 19th-century teacher training colleges, fostering a strong tradition in education. With over 8,000 students representing 110 countries, its welcoming community embraces various cultures and backgrounds.

Experience a dynamic academic landscape:

  • Explore a broad range of programs: Immerse yourself in undergraduate and postgraduate programs across arts, humanities, education, business, law, psychology, and life and health sciences.
  • Discover your passion: Find your perfect fit with diverse offerings, from creative fields like fashion and media to analytical pathways in data science and finance.
  • Thrive in a supportive environment: Benefit from smaller class sizes and personalized attention from dedicated faculty, ensuring a nurturing learning experience.

Embrace a vibrant campus life:

  • Engage in diverse activities: Join numerous clubs, societies, and sporting opportunities, connecting with your peers and exploring your interests.
  • Volunteer and make a difference: Contribute to meaningful causes and gain valuable experience through various community engagement initiatives.
  • Experience London’s vibrancy: Enjoy easy access to the bustling heart of London, exploring its cultural diversity and exciting opportunities.

Invest in your future:

  • Graduate with career-ready skills: Develop skills and knowledge sought after by employers, maximizing your employability potential.
  • Benefit from strong industry connections: Gain real-world experience through internships and partnerships with leading organizations.
  • Forge your path to success: Join a university ranked within the top 50% of UK universities, ensuring a recognized and valuable qualification.

Why choose University of Roehampton London?

  • Rich history and diverse community
  • Broad range of academic programs
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Vibrant campus life and easy access to London
  • Strong industry connections and career focus
  • Top-ranked university with a recognized degree

Take the next step:

Start your journey to academic fulfillment and personal growth at the University of Roehampton London. Explore their programs, discover their unique community, and unlock your potential.

Course and Fee

PG: Science /Management: 15352-16850 GBP

Scholarships: 1000-4000GBP each year depending on  %

Gap Acceptance : 5 years
Language Requirement
PTE : Overall 59/51
IELTS : overall 6.5/5.5
Documents for Offer Letter :
S.N. Documents for Offer Letter
1 Passport
2 IELTS / PTE certificate
3. C.V.
4. Work experience ( if there is gap )
5. Recommendation letter from college .(2)
6. Academic Document

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