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The University of Edinburgh


The University of Edinburgh, steeped in history and excellence, stands as a beacon of education in Scotland. Founded in 1583, it’s not only the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world but also consistently ranks among the top 50 globally.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant academic community of 45,000 students representing over 150 countries, spread across five stunning campuses. Choose from a diverse range of subjects within three colleges – Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Science & Engineering, and Medicine & Veterinary Medicine. World-leading research is at the heart of the university, with 90% of their research activity classified as world-leading or internationally excellent.

Why consider Edinburgh?

  • Academic excellence: Renowned faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and research-driven learning environment.
  • Global community: Embrace diversity and forge connections with students from across the world.
  • Wide range of programs: Explore your interests with over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Career opportunities: Graduate with skills and knowledge sought after by employers worldwide.
  • Vibrant city life: Edinburgh offers a rich cultural scene, stunning architecture, and historical charm.

Is Edinburgh right for you?

Consider your academic aspirations, preferred learning environment, and desired lifestyle when making your decision. The University of Edinburgh offers a truly unique and rewarding experience, but it’s crucial to ensure it aligns with your individual goals.

Whether you’re passionate about medicine, fascinated by history, or driven by innovation, the University of Edinburgh has the potential to propel you towards your future ambitions.

Course and Fee

TERM 1:Business/ Computing : 8695-9295 GBP Schoarships: upto GBP 3500/- MSC International Business Mgmt- 2000 GBP only
TERM2 :Business/ Computing :11495-11795 GBP Schoarships: upto GBP 4000/- MSC International Business Mgmt- 2000 GBP only
GBP 2000/- Progression Scholarships for all courses. 
Gap Acceptance : 4 years for PG
Language Requirement
PTE : IIM1Term 55/51 IIM2Term-51/51
IELTS : IIM1Term overall 6.0/5.5 IIM2Term overall 5.5/5.5
Documents for Offer Letter :
S.n Documents for Offer Letter
1 Passport
2 Ielts / PTE certificate
3. C.V
4. Work experience ( if there is gap )
5. Recommendation letter from college .(2)
6. Academic Document

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